Waiting Times at Theory Test Centres

Waiting times do vary from centre to centre in the UK but generally they are 1-2 month. This waiting time can be very frustrating if you are either ready to complete your test or you have unfortunately failed on your previous attempt. The good news is that there are companies out there which can help you with your wait. Here at Find Me A Theory Test, our team ensure that when booking your test that cancellations have been searched and that the earliest slot possible has been booked.


So, what is the reason for the long waiting times? In recent years the pandemic has really caused an issue for the DVSA and learner wanting to take their theory test. Thousands of theory test were cancelled causing a huge backlog and a large spike in waiting times. Although as of writing this they have come down they are still remaining over a month waiting time. Other factors have also caused a delays, due to the funeral of the late passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II meant that of the day of the funeral no theory test we conducted increasing the backlog.


With all these factors in play we will slowly see the theory test waiting times comes down but until then, if you are wanting your test booked, then there is no better place that booking it through Find Me A Theory Test were we insure that the wait for your test will be short lived.