Smart Cities- What Is To Become Of City Driving

The Tech Take Over

As smart motorways are starting to take shape across the UK the next big change is the introduction of smart cities. These new smart cities should mean less time in traffic, less speed bumps and more space.

The advent of connected vehicles in smart cities has the potential to dramatically change the way we drive for hopefully the good.


But that is only the beginning of the spiralling costs that young drivers face. First there is buying the car and secondly insuring the car.

Safety Increase

With the introduction of smart cities should see an increase in safety. One of the first things that will be introduced is the instillation of cameras that can automatically monitor the road, they have the ability to detect if and when ice, rain and even when an accident has occurred.  

If the worst is to happen in the city and there is an accident a smart city is able to direct traffic in the least congested way but this does not just apply to general road users but the emergency services as well.

Improved Parking

There is no doubt that the most frustrating factor about city driving is parking. With smart cities it would be able to notify you exactly were the free car parking space is, this is beneficial in several ways.  Reduced congestion, reduced emissions and less personal time been wasted looking for a space.

Reduced Noise Pollution

In a smart city we might start to see reduced use of sirens and emergency vehicle noise, therefore reducing noise pollution for drivers. Mr Giraitis (strategy director at design company Smart Design) says: “Emergency vehicles could be routed around traffic or vice versa. Could we also lose the dreaded road humps for a smoother ride for emergency vehicles, cars and bicycles?”

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