5 Ways To Pass Your Test For Less Money

5 top tips to save you cash


Learning how to drive can be a pricey journey. However, this is our 5 top tips to help you save the cash on learning how to drive.

1 Practice with friends and family

If you or friends and family have a car then why not asks to go out on learner insurance? It’s easy, go on websites such as www.conufsed.com to get a quick insurance quote, then you will be able to drive with L plates on. The driver has to have been driving 3 years and be at least 21 to qualify.

Driving with friends and family will mean you can drive on a more regular basis, have less driving lessons.

2 Pass your theory test early

There are several reasons why you should try completing your theory test early. The main reason why you should try passing early is to save you money. This is because you can’t book your driving test until you have passed your theory. Meaning when you come close to booking you practical you will be unable to plus the waiting times at test centers is high meaning yet another wait.

3 Keep lesson regular

When possible try keep lessons regular, at Find Me A Driving test, we recommend around two hours a week. This will mean your progress is consistent yet not allowing you to forget your progress. 

4 Plan your time

Make sure you give yourself sufficient time as the skill of driving is not learnt overnight. Don’t try to rush the process, as taking numerous tests can be expensive. Let your instructor advice you on when you are ready.

5 Find Test as soon as your ready

Once you are ready for your test try find the soonest possible test. The waiting times at test centers are long; you will waste money on driving lessons if you don’t use a test finder website like, Find Me A Driving Test. Using this website will allow you to save on driving lessons as it will find you a test with-in weeks so no more driving lessons.

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