New drivers maybe banned from driving during the night

Learn to drive at a young age is a great way to gain independence. However, in a recent plan from the department for transport (DfT) they are looking for this to change. The DfT are considering bringing in a night curfew for drivers under a certain age.

Experts say that this is not the only thing they are looking to bring in, they have a raft of potential new rules for young drivers. This could put a lot of people off looking to drive.

The move comes after recent DfT figures revealed one in five newly-qualified motorists are involved in a collision in their first 12 months.

Schemes like this are already in place in other EU countries and parts of Australia and Canada. Which they believe that it does work.

Questions do have to be asked of the DfT if this is the right option. Would it be better teaching and getting a better understanding of the danger of driving rather than hampering young drivers? As these new rules could affect young people chances of gaining jobs.

There have been similar ideas brought forward before. Such as young drivers not been able to carry passengers under a certain age or restrict the number of passengers there are able to carry.

One idea which has come in, but is not mandatory, is the black box. This little device fits to your car so the insurance company can see how and sometimes when you are driving. This is a great way to bring down young driver’s insurance premiums which are notoriously high. This can also work the other way and driver who are driving dangerously can have their insurance cancelled.