Cost of Living Impact on Driving Lessons

How will it Impact you?

Inflation increasing cost of Driving Lessons

Since the start of 2023 there has been array of bad news with the cost of living. Inflation in the UK has been above 10% for over two months meaning simply that everything is getting more expensive. How does this impact driving test and lessons? Well, it means people have less income that can be put towards driving as money has to be diverted to food, heating and bills etc. There is of course the side of the driving instructor, they are also in the same position with their own personal finance plus the addition cost of fuel.

What is your best options?

If you have yet to start your driving lessons and was planning on paying for it on a pay as you go, we would recommend you delay your start and allow for some savings to be built up.


If you have already started it is important to not allow your lessons to go on to long, according to the RAC the average lesson is between £25-30 as of 2022, this will be on the rise in 2023. Try fit as many lessons in a week as you can, as a to longer gap in between lessons means it will be costing you more simply because you will have to recap your previous lesson(s) as there will be things you have forgotten.


If you have finished all your lessons and you feel you are ready to complete your driving test, try get it booked in as soon as you can, as the average UK waiting time as February 2023 is 6 months. One of the best ways to bring this down is to use a driving test cancellations app the top one been Find Me A Driving Test. For a small fee they can bring the test forward to close to a month wait in a lot of occasions. This means a big saving in brush up lessons for 6 months.