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We will find you test cancellations at up to 10 different test centres of your choice. We’ll bring your test forward by an average of 68 days to save you money, hassle, and time! We search for tests thousands of times every day, so you don’t have to! Don’t like the dates we send you? No Problem! We will carry on searching until you are 100% satisfied!


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Create an account using our simple form to sign up and find a driving test. It will take less than five minutes! You’re then well on your way to getting a driving test cancellation!

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Now the easy part! Simply wait whilst we search high and low for available dates. We conduct thousands and thousands of searches every day to try and get you the most convenient driving test cancellations possible!

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Can you hear that phone going already? That’s us sending you texts and emails with the latest dates for your centre! Just sit back, we’ve got this handled!

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Yep, it’s as easy as that! We’ll send you dates and you just reply ‘book’ and we’ll automatically change it for you. Don’t like the slot? No problem! Just ignore the text and we’ll keep on searching to find you more driving test cancellations.

Features Of Driving Test Cancellations

Money Back Guarantee

If we can't find you earlier driving test cancellations, we will give you a full refund! We're that confident that we will get you an earlier date! Just sit back and relax, we've got this!

Easy to Use

Our system is easy! Fill out the form, we search for driving test cancellations, and we send you notifications. It's as easy as that to get a new date! We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our service.

Search Every Few Minutes

Our server is running 24/7 to find new dates for you and thousands of other happy customers using Driving Test Cancellations. By Searching every few minutes we guarantee to get you driving test cancellations.

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We offer a free trial to give you every confidence in our excellent services! It doesn't get much better than that! We hope you like it as much as we do! Sign up to find driving test cancellations at the bottom of the page.

Save Money Finding Test Cancellations

Driving Test Cancellations saves you money by moving your test date much earlier than your date might be currently booked for. We can move your test by days, weeks or month in advance. Saving you money on driving lessons!

Automatic Test Cancellation Reservation

We reserve your driving test cancellations by using our text to book system. We text you a date if it suits you, just text 'book' and we'll book it for you. Simple!

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F.A.Q. - Regular Driving Test Cancellations Questions

It would be so simple if there was a list but unfortunately there isn’t! The only way to find cancellations is to search the test sties manually! Or, you could use a service like ours and move your test forward by months! That’s the best way to do it!

We are not associated with the DVLA. We are a service offering to look on your behalf for the latest cancellations. The DVLA has a large database of potential cancellations but can only be accessed by logging in manually or using a system such as ours to find test dates.

Nope! You don’t need any software whatsoever to use our service. The entire service is based in the cloud and we will send you dates from our server directly to your phone! Making it much easier and quicker for you to find driving tests cancellation information!

We automatically search the test centre your current test is booked at. Want to search more centres? Don’t worry! When you sign up you can select up to three centres in total. We can search at any UK test centre. This increases the chance of finding test cancellations and gives you more flexibility.

There is no immediate answer to the question. Driving test dates become available whenever someone cancels a test. It is often said that Friday afternoons often have further cancellations released but this has been proven to be untrue. Driving test cancellations can be released at any point in time, at any time during the day.

There are driving test cancellations for a wide number of reasons. The driving instructor or pupil could be ill and not able to make the tests. The pupil’s car may become unavailable or can often be cancelled due to weather. In 2017/2018 39,808 tests were cancelled due to ‘acts of nature’ making it the second biggest reason for tests being cancelled. The biggest reason for cancelled tests is ‘medical absences’ meaning the test examiners are ill.

Theory tests were impacted by Covid-19 in a similar way to driving tests. We can help find you cancellations and help you book a theory test. We can also help find you practical driving test cancellations.

Yes, we have found driving test cancellations for thousands of people. If you don’t believe us, check out the many five star reviews we have received. We find test cancellations by checking the database every few minutes and send them to your phone, it’s as simple as that.

We find them by scanning the DVSA database thousands of times every day. We search on your behalf to find you the latest driving test cancellations. After signing up, we will immediately start searching for cancellations. In most cases, we find test cancellations within three days of signing up.

A test has to be booked before we can search. Don’t worry just head to the .Gov site and book your new test, then come back to us, sign up, and we shall start searching straight away. In short, to use a driving test cancellation service, you MUST have a test booked in order for us to find cancellations at your preferred test centre.


Our system is easy! Fill out the form, we search, we text, you accept, we book! It’s as easy as that to get a new date! We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our service.

Anyone can find driving test cancellations by going to the .gov.uk website. It is important to have a current test booking in order to be able to find earlier dates. You can search any test centre, location and date to see if any new test dates appear. The easier way is to use our own services which will be far less hassle. By signing up with us and adding your search preferences, we can send you notifications of earlier driving tests.

Cancellations can appear at any time throughout the day. They actually appear all the time as people cancel their driving tests for numerous reasons.

Using our service will help guarantee getting you a quick test. We can help get you an earlier test to maximise your chances of passing early! If you’re still deciding, we have over 500 five star reviews from people who we have helped get their driving licence early.

What is the best way to find a driving test cancellation?

The easiest way to find driving test cancellations is by using a driving test cancellation checker. The checkers search for cancellations every few minutes and notify the user when a test becomes available. A text message is sent, and a simple reply can book the new requested driving test. This method is usually by far the quickest and has around a 98% success rate in finding earlier driving tests. 

Is there a free way to find earlier driving tests?

The cheapest way to find earlier driving tests dates is to check the DVLA yourself. You can do this by going on to the driving tests website and checking periodically. Any available dates can then be selected and booked if available. This method cannot guarantee results but is the cheapest way to finding tests and we recommend using a driving test cancellation service to find earlier tests. By using our service, you will certainly be able to find an earlier driving test date.

How long do I need to wait to start receiving driving test cancellations?

Different driving test centres have different average waiting times. For example, the average test waiting time in some parts of Birmingham is over 22 weeks whilst the most northern parts of Scotland are just nine weeks. Densely populated cities such as London, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield amongst others commonly have the largest driving test waiting times.

Covid-19 has had a severe impact on the waiting times for practical driving tests and has led to enormous increases to waiting times across all UK test centres. Some test centres now have a six month waiting time! That’s why it’s becoming more important than ever to find a driving test cancellation. 

The longer the waiting time at any given test centre will usually mean a higher demand for test cancellations. The higher the demand, the longer it will usually take to find one. If you are struggling to find a cancellation then we highly recommend using a cancellation checker to give the best possible chance of securing an earlier date. Checkers will reserve the slots they find and secure it for the person searching. This helps give the best possible chance to get on the road much earlier.

Finding driving test cancellations is not easy and is important to be patient in either searching for a date yourself or waiting for a cancellation finder to find one for you. Our average time to find a driving test cancellation is two days but it can really depend on the test centre, time of year and other mitigating conditions such as the weather. We can find driving test cancellations for any test centre in the UK and pride ourselves in the speed of our service.

We find driving tests that are cancelled for multiple reasons. The driving instructor, pupil or examiner may be ill or the current candidate may have found driving test cancellations themselves and therefore freeing up more test slots. Although there are many different reasons why a test may be cancelled, using our service such as ours to find tests cancellations will give the best chance of securing an earlier test date. Our service will allow you to search for tests at up to three different test centres as well as other specific requirements. You can signup to our service to start finding driving test cancellations by clicking the button below. 

Do you want to change your driving test? Try our Driving Test Cancellations App

We can help you pass your DVLA practical test by using our cancellations app. Our system will check the practical driving test availability on the DVLA site to give you the maximum possible chance to change your driving test. By searching for a cancellation you can move your test date closer by a number of weeks and save stress waiting! We are not associated with the DVLA and exist purely to find you better driving test availability all you need to start in use out easy sign up form.

Driving Test History

The first licences were introduced to the UK in 1903 under the Motor Car Act of 1903 but no test was required. The highway code was launched in 1931 at a cost of one penny and was different to the version we have today. By 1933 there were only 1.8 million cars on the roads but over 7000 people were killed and a staggering 216,000 were injured. Due to the increasing number of casualties, a test was brought in under the Road Traffic Act 1934. Over the next six decades, it would change to adapt to the changing times. One of the largest changes came about in 1990 when the theory test was introduced. With the increasing emphasis on technology, it was updated in December 2017 which introduced a compulsory section to follow a sat nav for 10 minutes. These were the biggest changes to affect the driving test for many years. There has been much debate on how best to introduce modern technology into driving tests such as reversing cameras, sensors and autopilot features often found in electric cars but these are still being debated.

Driving Test Cancellations

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